Dermatology and venereology

Medical cosmetology 


  1. Specialist examination of children and adults by use of a sophisticated computer system of therapeutic follow up and photo-video documentation (specialist diagnosis and treatment not included)
  2. Follow up examination
  3. Diagnosis of acute and chronic diseases of the skin, hair and nails (therapy not included)
  4. Computerized dermatoscopy follow up of all pigment skin lesions by use of digital DermLite II Multi-Special dermatoscope – SONY Cyber-shot (image of each mole processed at 8.0 Mega pixel level and stored in special databank; this image databank is used for continuous follow up of all moles all over the body in each individual patient) 
  5. Single mapping of all moles in the patient and their storage in the Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic databank; issuing medical documentation and consultant opinion
  6. Complete immunobiochemistry laboratory testing (CRP, CBC, urine tests/10 parameters, BG, cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, AST, ALT, gamma-GT, AP, bilirubin, creatinine, Na, K)
  7. Complete mycology
  8. Complete microbiology
  9. Complete allergology testing (prick test/inhalation allergens)
  10. Histopathologic diagnosis of skin tumors, moles, atheromas, etc. (single sample), issuing finding report and histopathology image (digital form) 


  1. Examination
  2. Venous and capillary sclerozation
  3. Chronic wound management
  4. Therapy with Rhinolight® biostimulation laser – improvement of microcirculation, treatment of wounds due to injuries and operations, metabolic and degenerative processes, alopecia, psoriasis (6-8 sessions) 

Medical cosmetology

  1. Dermatologic treatments
  2. Antiaging treatments
  3. Treatments of the skin:
    Skin rejuvenation and rehydration (increasing skin water content); the main goal is to increase the level of endogenous hyaluronic acid and in particular to improve skin elasticity, revitalizing skin tightness, tone and elasticity, thus preventing formation of wrinkles and rhagades, and making damaged skin look youthful in a natural way.
    Increasing skin tissue volume, filling wrinkles. These natural products are biocompatible, biodegradable.
    Creating/filling nasal contours left after reconstructive surgery, creating new tip of the nose projection, etc.
    The use of  hyaluronic acid as active ingredient in different concentrations (20 mg/mL and 25 mg/mL) provides immediate skin treatment ( with duration of 12 months);  with a highly beneficial biological effect of free hyaluronic acid stimulating collagen synthesis, and specific antioxidative effect of mannitol protecting the hyaluronic acid integrity at the time of injection, while protecting the cells and intercellular substance. 
    Mesotherapy (hyaluronic acid high concentration + polyrevitalizing solution) is used in the treatment of the skin of the face, neck and neckline, by the intake of vitamin complex (13), minerals (6), nucleic (5) and amino (23) acids, coenzymes (6), hyaluronic acid (1) and reducents (2), i.e. 55 active ingredients in total. Results are almost immediately seen, with the treated skin looking fresh, tight, bright, relaxed and considerably younger.
  5. Cryotherapy of warts and keratoses
  6. Electrocoagulation of telangiectasias
  7. Excochleation
  8. Treatment of acne
  9. Cleansing of facial skin
  10. Tumor biopsy

Dermatosurgery (with regular and continuous collaboration with dermatologist-venereologist and plastic surgeon)

  1. Surgery of skin tumors, moles and atheromas (examination)
  2. Surgery of the skin and soft tissues