About polyclinic

Poliklinika Klapan Medical Group

"Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic" (Polyclinic) is situated in Ilica 191A, in the first "smart house" constructed in Croatia.

This medical institution has been registered for performing diagnostic and surgical medical activities in the field of ENT, head and neck surgery; surgery – plastic and cosmetic surgery; dermatology and venereology; internal medicine; allergology; and telemedicine.


According to the By-Law on Job Systematization (decision issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Croatia), physicians specialists in different fields of clinical medicine work full-time or as consultants at the Polyclinic: internal medicine; cytology; pathology; otorhinolaryngology – subspecialists in plastic-reconstructive/cosmetic surgery; surgery – plastic and cosmetic surgery; dermatology and venereology; allergology; anesthesiology; and telemedicine.  

The Polyclinic has developed credible and well-tuned partnership with  the leading Croatian general and university clinical hospitals, as well as with private biomedical laboratorys and polyclinics for medical microbiology, histopathology, ophtalmology, radiology, and  gynecology and obstetrics.

The Polyclinic has been designed according to the latest architectural criteria for the construction of medical institutions of this type, completely computerized, with central archive and protection of all medical data, computer system for the institution operational work, and facilities for interactive telemedicine diagnosis and therapy (tele-surgery) in real time (real-time telemedicine) with any expert medical work-site in Croatia and/or abroad. 

The Polyclinic has the latest, sophisticated medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment in all specialties it has been licensed and registered for.

The Polyclinic has a number of modern, pleasantly furnished doctor offices, operative tract connected by telemedicine with the leading EU and Croatian university centers, and a separate wing with patient apartments.

The founder of the Polyclinic is Professor Ivica Klapan, MD, PhD, specialist in ENT/head and neck surgery, subspecialist in plastic-reconstructive head and neck surgery, Professor of ENT/Head and Neck Surgery at School of Medicine, University of Zagreb in Zagreb, and School of Medicine, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek. Professor Klapan has the status of Visiting Professor at a number of American and EU medical institutions, and is full member of the prestigious medical academies, commissions and societies in the USA and EU.