Otorhinolaryngology, Head-Neck Surgery


  • Rhinosinusology, head and neck surgery  
  • Reconstructive head and neck surgery



KMG ambulanta


Specialist ENT examination (ATMOS Servant P-31, Germany)
ENT follow up
Nasal/nasopharyngeal/pharyngeal swab, antibiotic sensitivity report
Intradermal testing/prick test/inhalatory allergens  

Fiberoscopy (Olympus, Japan, ENF P4 naso-pharyngo-laryngo fiberscope)
CD-Fiberoscopy (Olympus, Japan, ENF P4 naso-pharyngo-laryngo fiberscope)   


Otomicroscopy (Otopront®/Carl Zeiss®, Germany)
Displacement ("choke") (x3)
Politzerization according to Pretz (x4)
Bilateral ear rinse and topical toilete (ATMOS, Servant, 37 ºC)

Treatment by Rhinolight® rhinophotobiostimulation (allergy, vasomotor non-allergic rhinopathy, chronic sinusitis) (ISO 9001:2000; ISO 13485:2003; EC Certificate 2004) (x6)
Dg/Th. Maxillary sinus puncture (single)/rinsing/drug instillation
Sinus puncture with insertion of ventilation line into sinuses/drug instillation (x4-8)


Computerized preoperative head animation (nose, auricles, eyelids, face) 3D (3D Doctor, USA)
3D-computerized diagnosis of nose/sinus diseases 3D (3D Doctor, USA)
VE-diagnostics (virtual endoscopy) on the patient head 3D-model (VE-CT 2006G)



Complete mycology
Complete microbiology
Complete allergology testing (prick test/inhalatory allergens)
Histopathologic diagnosis of skin tumors, moles, atheromas, etc. (single sample), issuing finding report and histopathology image (digital form)


Audiologic testing: audiometry (ADM Welch Allyn®, USA)
Audiologic testing: tympanometry (TMP Welch Allyn®, USA)
Computed rhinomanometry (A1 GM Instruments®, Scotland, UK)
Acoustic rhinomanometry (NR6 GM Instruments®, Scotland, UK)
Endoscopy (0, 30, 70) of the nose and pharynx (Carl Storz® endoscopes, GERMANY)
CD-Endoscopy (0, 30, 70) of the nose and pharynx (Carl Storz® endoscopes, GERMANY) 







  • Laser/Diathermo surgery of lower nasal conchae (GIMA Diathermo MB 200)
  • Analgesic injection
  • Kenalog or Depot Medrol injection
  • Surgery of mole and atheroma (examination)
  • Surgery of skin tumor (examination)
  • Laryngomicroscopy, ET anesthesia
  • Maxillary sinus sinusoscopy (00, 300, 700) (Carl Storz® endoscopes)
  • VentilTracheotomy
  • Osteoplastic operations of maxillary and/or frontal sinuses
  • Revision of osteoplatic operations of maxillary and/or frontal sinuses
  • Corrective-reconstructive operation of nasal septum (septoplasty)
  • Revision of septoplasty
  • Reconstructive operation of soft palate/uvula (snoring)
  • Reconstructive-operation of lop ears (otoplasty)
  • Revision of otoplasty
  • Operation of lateral and/or medial neck cysts (ET anesthesia)
  • Functional endoscopic surgery of paranasal sinuses (FESS)
  • Revision of functional endoscopic surgery of paranasal sinuses (FESS)
  • Navigation Leapmotion endoscopic sinus surgery with virtual endoscopy and virtual surgery ("commands in the air")
  • Reconstructive operation of nasal septum perforation
  • Revision of previous operations of nasal septum perforation
  • Reconstructive operation of nasal pyramid/rhinoplasty (closed and open techniques)
  • Reconstructive operation of nasal septum and pyramid/septorhinoplasty
  • Revision of septorhinoplasty
  • Reconstructive operation of various nasal pyramid defects (e.g., Porex® (USA) heterotransplant grafting) (the price of the graft is not included).



Fleksibilna fiberskopija. PKMG
Flexible naso-pharyngo-laryngo fiberscopy

NESS - Leapmotion surgery oft the nose, sinuses and skull base

Navigation endoscopic sinus surgery (NESS)


Anterior rhinoscopy

rhinophotobio therapy


Issuing medical documentation
Consultant opinion
 Using biocompatible and biodegradable products in formation of the new nose contours after reconstructive surgery (increasing rhino-tissue volume).