Plastic surgery



Skin and soft tissue surgery 

  1. Excisional biopsy of skin tumor
  2. Incisional biopsy of skin tumor
  3. Skin defect closure by direct suture
  4. Skin defect closure by local flap
  5. Skin defect closure by skin graft
  6. Primary surgical treatment of skin wound
  7. Primary surgical treatment of deep wound
  8. Extirpation biopsy of soft tissue tumor
  9. Incisional biopsy of soft tissue tumor
  10. Foreign body extraction
  11. Surgical revision of scar

Other surgery-reconstructive procedures and treatments

  1. Reconstructive operation of lop ears
  2. Revision of otoplasty
  3. Reconstructive operation for nasal septum perforation
  4. Revision of operation for nasal septum perforation
  5. Reconstructive operation of nasal pyramid/rhinoplasty (closed and open techniques)
  6. Revision of the reconstructive operation of nasal pyramid
  7. Reconstructive operation of various nasal pyramid defects (e.g., implantation of Porex® (USA) heterotransplant) (the price of the implant not included)
  8. Issuing medical documentation, consultant opinion
  9. Pre- and postoperative computerized 3D animation of the head as required for plastic-reconstructive operations