Pacijenti o liječenju u poliklinici

Patient comments on the treatment at the polyclinic

Sent: August 04, 2015. 13:07 PM
Comment: Octavian Dumitru Stefan (38 yr., Norway)

I have visited Prof. Ivica Klapan's clinic based on my spouse's recommendation, after she had undergone a medical check up at his clinic for a sinus infection. Since I remember I had difficulties breathing through my nose during day to day activities and not at all during sports activities, being forced to use my mouth for breathing, which one can imagine is not a very hygienic or safe way to do it. After an initial investigation followed by a MSCT scan the diagnostic was fractured/deviated medial nasal wall and hypertrophic bilateral inferior nasal turbinates, which required corrective septoplasty and laser surgery of both inferior nasal turbinates. The actual surgery took place coupe of months later from the initial investigation and lasted 45min., followed by a mandatory 2 hours in-hospital monitoring to ensure that there are no complications, after which I was free to go home. All the pre-operations check ups have been done the day before the operation took place. I need to mention the fact that during the operation, due to the type of anesthesia used you are fully aware of your surroundings (i.e. talking, hearing, seeing, being able to move), however you will not feel any pain at all  . After three days the medical bandages were removed completely and after a life long of not being able to properly breath through my nose, I was now able to do so and what a relief that was! Additionally I am now able to sleep much better as I do not suffer from oxygen depravation during the night time any longer.

Prof. Ivica Klapan it is a very competent professional and very passionate about his work.

He and his Medical Team will go the extra mile to ensure the positive outcome of the investigation / operation and they are very accommodating on making the whole process worry and stress free.

THANK YOU Professor  Ivica Klapan and your assisting GREAT Medical Team for improving my way of living!!!


Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2014 11:27 AM
Comment: GA, Manager, USAID 

I would like to report to you that, last week, I have successfully completed nose surgery at Klapan Polyclinic Zagreb. It is an incredible experience to start breathing normally again and I want to express my gratitude for enabling me to start feeling fresh air and beautiful smells, again in my life. I also want to report that Klapan Polyclinic Zagreb is a first class medical institution and that both Prof. Klapan and all of his staff are extremely skillful, professional and carrying for the patients. I am having hard time to find adequate compliments to describe their relationship with patients and competence at the same time. All in all this was an incredible experience for me and I have nothing else to say but THANKS to Insurance Co. and Prof. Klapan.

D. I., student, born in 1986, Sisak

As an active athlete, I had breathing problems, i.e. inadequate nasal airflow, on exercise in particular. This in turn led to frequent and deliberate blowing my nose and headache; I had a feeling of reduced airflow. I tried all the nasal hygiene products available and anti-allergy treatments, without success. The more so, my condition worsened from year to year. Then I visited Klapan Polyclinic at mid-August 2009 and was operated on within 2 weeks. I am very grateful to Professor Klapan and his surgical team, nurses in particular, for all their kindness, cordiality and assistance. The best of all, however, is the feeling that now, after the surgery, all my problems have vanished and I can normally breathe on both nostrils. The difference is most pronounced during my high-exercise trainings, when my nose "works even better". In a word, the service offered to me by Klapan Polyclinic has substantially changed my life and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart, bless them!


R. I., pupil, born in 1992, Split

I am deeply grateful to Professor Klapan, his surgical team and nurses for the warmest reception I had at their Polyclinic ever since I have been frequenting doctor offices. My son suffered terrible headaches that reflected on his learning abilities, memory, and he could not even play football. I took him to pediatricians, neurologists, outpatient clinics, without any improvement. Then, we were referred to Professor Klapan in Zagreb. Upon examination with the most sophisticated medical equipment I have ever seen, Professor Klapan told me clearly that an operation of the nose was required to improve the condition. However, he did not want to operate him before age 16. So, we had to wait; my physicians did not understand much of Professor Klapan's findings and prescribed tablets for headache and tranquilizers to my son. Now, after the operation, my son sleeps well, he is much better at school, joy has returned to our home and, which is most important, my son has not once complained of headache since. My endless appreciation goes to these beautiful people.


D. T., manager, born in 1980, Zagreb

I had a misfortune by having undergone cosmetic and functional surgery of the nose at a private institution, however, it resulted in perforation of the septum for which the highly esteemed surgeon deeply apologized but, as he said, it used to happen occasionally. He also said that surgical closure of this perforation was among the most challenging reconstructive operations in overall surgery and he could not (was not able to) perform it successfully. He advised me to visit Professor Klapan's Polyclinic for examination. Professor Klapan received me in a very appropriate manner and told me any correction of a previous operation to be a rather unrewarding task. He explained in detail all surgical techniques that could be taken in consideration, the length of the operation, the possible consequences, etc. Briefly, he did the operation excellently, widely known as minimally invasive, leaving no swelling or hematoma on my face; in several years, he removed the breathing lines from my nose and simply had no problems anymore. And I am so now. Therefore, I cordially recommend everyone this excellent Zagreb polyclinic, which follows all the highest European principles of good organization, while Professor himself is even above it.


D. D., lawyer, born in 1971, Rijeka

I had my nasal septum operated 6 years ago. I have chronic lesions of my nasal mucosa and I have used Operil nasal drops for years because I cannot sleep, I just smoke cigarettes and cannot function properly. At Klapan Polyclinic, I was received cordially and they explained to me in detail the current state-of-the-art in the world science and medicine concerning the treatment of my complaints and therapeutic success. It had not been even in part explained to me that way before, which is no surprise, as I have subsequently learned that Professor Klapan is lecturer at a number of Croatian and American universities; the more so, he is always ready and willing to share his time and art of treatment with his patients. I am deeply grateful for all kindness and above all very successful treatment.


S. A., TV hostess, born in 1957, Zagreb

I admit I breathe normally for the first time after many, many years, without the use of previously unavoidable nasal drops, sprays, aerosol, tablets, inhalation, etc. Now I do not use them anymore and I simply cannot believe it. I had tried all treatment modalities, more or less without success, but nobody has ever before made so precise and accurate diagnosis, followed by the necessary noninvasive therapy as the professionals at Klapan Polyclinic did. I warmly recommend them to all those with similar problems.


D. V., pupil, born in 1992, Bjelovar

I had used all nasal drops available, mostly Operil, for years; there was no possibility for me to spend a day, and especially to have some sleep without these drops; so I simply destroyed my nasal mucosa. I had visited all specialists, including those in Zagreb; I had been through the process of nasal drop withdrawal at renowned Croatian ENT departments, however, without success. I was told it was likely to be my definitive state, and should have probably used these drops continuously; and I am only 17 now. Then, my parents visited the Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic website on the Internet, and we paid a visit to Professor Klapan. He explained to us very comprehensively what I had done to my nasal mucosa, why I should not have done that, what was now my respiratory tract condition, had I talked to my physician and what she had told me, etc. In a word, since the treatment at Klapan Polyclinic, I live normal life, breathe on the nose, do not use Operil drops anymore, I do not even think of it and have no need to. I am very grateful to Professor Klapan. I like him indeed.


B. I., entrepreneur, born in 1957, Imotski

My nose was broken and I had sinus polyps. My friends had their noses and sinuses operated at different hospitals did not look well at all after postoperatively; they were bluish, swollen, could not breathe on the nose for days, and the same problems reappeared in some time. My relatives advised me to contact Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic in Zagreb and Dr. Klapan as the leading expert in the field. And they were right. I was operated there and I am much more than just satisfied; in a couple of days, there were no signs of the operation. Another reason for my full trust in this expert is his approach and time he allocated for me, as long as it took me to completely comprehend everything I was supposed to know about my disease. Sinus operation was not performed because Professor Klapan believed that sinus lesions should regress after the surgery, and so it happened. This additionally speaks in his favor because as a private doctor it would be in his direct interest to charge me for as many services as possible, and he did just the opposite. I have advised many of my friends and business partners to contact this Polyclinic for any service available there.


G. I., business secretary, born in 1980, Zagreb

My father was operated on by Professor Klapan a year ago and since then he has changed beyond recognition, he is another man, light-hearted and free from complaints that had bothered him for years. That is why I decided to visit Professor Klapan, although it was by no means easy for me because I had undergone nose operation 8 years before. However, my nose problems persisted, including headaches, difficult breathing, fatigue, etc. Professor Klapan readily identified the cause of my complaints, made a photograph, and suggested MSCT of the sinuses, which confirmed all his findings. The operation was quite different to the previous one and was by far less painful, so I could resume my professional activities in 5 days. My friends knowing I was about to go for an operation asked me why I had not gone for it. Now, after months, I feel like a new person, free from headaches and with normal breathing. I am deeply thankful to Professor Klapan indeed.


I. I., economist, born in 1981

I had suffered allergy problems for years, or better to say, for seasons. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with grass allergy, but nobody could tell me how to treat it, and that was the clue. Ten years ago, I had my sinuses operated by Professor Klapan, and now I decided to contact him again to tell him about my complaints. In fact, I wanted to get an accurate diagnosis and clear, comprehensible explanation of the cause of my problems and therapeutic options. From the very first phone contact with the Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic personnel, and later during the treatment, I realized it was the right address to solve my problems. First, I have to emphasize the warm and humane approach offered by Professor Klapan as well as by Dr. Jureković and nurses. It is of utmost importance to me as a patient. Upon examination, Professor Klapan explained to me the causes of my discomforts and recommended biolaser therapy. Biolaser? I looked at him and asked him simply: "Biolase, what is it?" And then again, my question was answered in a way typical for Professor Klapan – clear, comprehensible and illustrative. This is Professor Klapan I know for some 10 years now. Therefore, he prescribed 6 photodinamic biostimulation sessions of the nasal mucosa. All that I have to say now is that I have since been free from any discomforts, morning swelling, conjunctivitis, eye redness, nose running, cough, etc. All these problems have vanished. Recently I had a trip, a photo-safari in a part of Croatia abundant in grass and plants, in full blossom at the beginning of June. I enjoyed the trip, free from allergic reactions. Besides Professor Klapan, mention should be made of other team members, Dr. Jureković and excellent, highly professional, medical nurses always meeting you with nice words, with pleasant and reassuring approach to the patient. 


B. S., retiree, born in 1948

On January 18, 2008, I was operated on at Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic for long-standing sinus problems, abundant maxillary sinus discharge and a huge polyp occupying the entire sinus, nose and upper pharynx. I had been blind on my right eye for years, and my left eye vision deteriorated steadily. Prior to the surgery, Professor Klapan performed 3D-computerized diagnosis of my sinuses, which is only available at this institution in the entire region. He explained to me what had to be done, what type of anesthesia was needed, and what I could expect postoperatively. I admit it was a pleasant surprise to me. During the operation, Professor Klapan removed the entire polyp, expanded and cleaned the sinuses, and found the foreign body, a piece of plastics in the sinus, which must have remained in the sinus after the eye surgery I had undergone 54 years before. He told me that this piece of plastics was the most probable cause of my problems. I am very grateful to him personally and his surgical team because the operation was performed quickly and painless, without postoperative bluish discoloration, hematomas or swelling; my left eyesight has stabilized, I have no headaches or discharge through my pharynx. I express once again my deep gratitude to all Klapan Polyclinic staff members and to Professor Klapan in particular.


Ž. O., entrepreneur, born in 1954

It is a rare experience to meet somebody who has great knowledge and at the same time is ready and willing to apply it. I had the privilege to meet such a man, Professor Klapan, a world-known ENT specialist. I visited the renowned Klapan Polyclinic for severe otitis and fear of operation. Operative therapy was recommended during my previous treatment and Professor Klapan confirmed it. Then he invested much of his time and painstaking work to relieve my problems. It was not a simple task, I know. Yet, he keeps smiling and finds reassuring words for each of his patients, reflecting his humaneness and devotion to his profession. That is why his waiting room is always crowded. I can only express my heartfelt thanks to Professor Klapan for everything he has done for me, and my best regards to the dear personnel of the Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic.


D. M., entrepreneur, born in 1976, Mali Lošinj

Dear Professor Klapan, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all the efforts and cordiality, and above all for your high professionalism in relieving the problems with sinuses, which you resolved so easily and efficiently. As you know, I had long suffered problems with breathing on the nose. In an attempt to solve it, I visited a private ENT office, where I was advised to undergo sinus operation. As it implied some 3-week hospital stay after the surgery, I decided to seek for another, better and less painful but efficient therapeutic option. As good news travels fast, I came to you. In only four 20-minute visits, you managed very successfully and with my minimal discomfort to do what the others considered impossible without a major operation. I thank you once again for having risen above the average as an individual, approaching your work with full responsibility, professionally, conscientiously and innovatively, to the benefit of all your patients. Thank you for my normal breathing at last.


I. J., manager, born in 1972, Šibenik

Dear Mr. Klapan, here are a few hints and impressions after my operation at your institution. Before I learned about your Polyclinic (from newspapers and internet), I had consulted two of your fellow ENT specialists; however, I decided to have my operation at your Polyclinic because of your approach to me as a patient. I have to admit I had been finding excuses not to undergo the procedure for some 25 years. I could hardly breathe due to multiple nose/septum fracture I had sustained while at elementary school. I frequently had to open my mouth struggling for air, which resulted in having my throat dried, and this in turn led to excessive liquid intake. I got tired very easily and I could not engage in any sports activities. In a word, I was gradually becoming a disabled person … Your diagnostic procedures were excellent indeed, while the personnel relations towards me, the course of the operation and accommodation at your Polyclinic exceeded my expectations. After several follow up visits and postoperative biolaser treatments, I feel like a new person. Finally, I can breathe, I can engage in sports, I can run freely, and I can live full life. Therefore, my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ivica Klapan and his team! I warmly recommend them to all those suffering from similar discomforts.


V. P., housewife, born in 1950

I have severe allergy to ambrosia and the place where I live, near Slavonski Brod, is overgrown with this weed. Many people living there as well as many of those working with my husband in Slavonski Brod suffer from allergy to ambrosia. I presented to Klapan Polyclinic for biolaser treatment, Professor Klapan performed the examination and I received all biolaser treatments prescribed. Although I have very severe allergy, I feel well now, the more so, I do not even react to house dust anymore. I am waiting for July when ambrosia starts; however, I do believe it will be much easier for me this year. Nearly all my villagers plan to come to Klapan Polyclinic because they all share the same problems. The personnel at the Polyclinic are very kind and attentive, and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.


M. T., retiree, born in 1936

My sinuses discharged down through my pharynx, I had frequent inflammatory episodes, and I took antibiotics, 16 tablets. Then, somebody suggested me to go to Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic for laser treatment, and I have no need to take any antibiotics since, not even Operil nasal drops, which I had used in high amounts before. I do not spit off and on anymore; my breathing has improved, even on the right side of my nose where I have severe septum fracture because of which nose operation was suggested. Now, I have to say that Professor Klapan was right, I am a new person now, after the examination and laser treatment of my nose and sinuses at Klapan Polyclinic. The operation suggested is not required anymore.


S. M., financial expert, Zagreb (from Nacional, Zdrav život (Healthy Life) section, 2007)

"When I was young, I was pretty playful and used to be punched", said S. M., former director of Reuters in Croatia, who had previously worked at treasures of several banks. When we visited Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic, he was on the nose and sinus operation. "In my young age I played basketball, and now I play tennis for recreation. So, I have sustained a number of minor nose injuries and I frequently had sinusitis. In the last two years, I could not breathe on my nose, especially after some exercise such as sports or just climbing the stairs. There was abundant rhinorrhea, and I could not cope with it even with seawater. I went to Professor Klapan for examination and advice. On CT, he identified severe sinus deformities and told me that my nose required major reconstructive surgery", said S. M. The deformities were corrected by operative procedure guided by three-dimensional virtual navigation, along with several polyps removed from his sinuses. As the operation was performed in local anesthesia, the patient was awake all the time. Yet, as he told us, a few days later he felt almost no discomfort or pain. "Immediately after the surgery, I was free from severe pain, although my nose was completely reconstructed. The only trouble was that I had to sleep in supine position for the first few days and to breathe on the mouth while I had cotton tampons in my nose, so my mouth felt dry", said S. M. He also added that the Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic is an excellent institution with most sophisticated equipment and highly skilled staff.


D. J., entrepreneur, Zagreb (from Nacional, Zdrav život (Healthy Life) section, 2007)

The interview with D. J., a 47-year-old entrepreneur from Zagreb, was made half an hour of his computerized sinus operation guided by three-dimensional virtual navigation. He lied in bed, in the Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic Day Hospital and watched TV. He said: "My nose was broken and I had problems with my sinuses. A doctor told me it was due to injuries I had sustained in my childhood, at falls and in sports. Therefore, I had breathing difficulties, abundant rhinorrhea, and occasional headaches. I also had sleeping problems due to snoring. Sometimes I used nasal drops but it did not help much. During the surgery, I was awake, in local anesthesia, so I felt nothing. It was quick and painless. I should say it took some 15 minutes. Now I feel well, I only have to get used to breathing on the mouth until the tampons are removed from my nose. I go home in two hours and I will be ready to resume my professional activities as early as in three days".


Z. G., manager, born in 1951, Zagreb (from Nacional, Zdrav život (Healthy Life) section, 2007)

We met Z. G., Chief of Protocol Service in C.N.S. Company, when she came to Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic for follow up examination three days of her sinus operation. The adhesive strip and nasal tampons were removed. She said she had no pains and she could breathe normally. Although operated on, she had no scars or hematomas on her face. Then she told us why she had been operated on and how she felt about it: "I have for years suffered terrible headache which intensified in the last year, I suffered it almost daily. It was severe, pulsating pain in the sinus region. I had been for a number of examinations, inhalations, used painkillers and antibiotics, however, nothing worked, while all my findings were normal. Then I watched a TV broadcast on Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic and came here with my findings that were generally normal. Professor Klapan told me it could not be normal if I suffer pain. Then he performed three-dimensional virtual diagnosis and detected the cause of pain. There was a tiny bone fragment separated from the nasal septum compressing the nerve. He said I would be like a new person after the operation, and he was very convincing. It was the first time that somebody explained me the diagnosis and what exactly should be done to improve my condition. The physicians and nurses of the Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic are very nice and attentive towards patients, the atmosphere there is pleasant and relaxing, and I felt safe and reassured there".


P. R., university professor, born in 1962

Dear Professor Klapan, dear staff members of the Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic, I take this opportunity to express my thankfulness for having helped me with my chronic sinus problems. The several-week biolaser sessions at your Polyclinic considerably reduced my discomforts that eventually disappeared completely. Before these treatments, I had abundant discharge from the nose and sinuses. I also want to thank the entire Polyclinic personnel for their kindness.


M. Č., student, born in 1983, Pula

After septum operation my nasal mucosa was severely swollen and irritable, and I had breathing difficulties due to rhinorrhea. Then I underwent six biolaser sessions at the Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic and my rhinorrhea and mucosal edema decreased, and I could finally breathe normally. I means to me very much because I am actively engaged in sports.


H. P., clerk, born in 1981, Zagreb

For the last ten years, I had breathing problems due to left nasal congestion, as eventually discovered. My left nostril was completely stuffed. I saw a commercial on the Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic and went there for examination. The diagnosis was septum deviation. I was operated on a month later, after all tests being done. The operation was short and painless. My recovery was slightly painful due to nasal tampons. All this took three days, until tampon removal. Now I can breathe normally and I feel well indeed. I am grateful to Klapan Polyclinic, Professor Klapan and all the personnel there.


Z. V., retiree, born in 1950, Zagreb

I underwent biolaser treatment for sinus headaches and facial edema at Klapan Medical Group Polyclinic. Now, near the end of treatment, my condition is by far better as my headaches and facial edema have gradually subsided. I believe it is the right therapy for my complaints. I am very grateful to all the Polyclinic staff members.


D. A., lawyer, born in 1950, Zagreb (from Nacional, Zdrav život (Healthy Life) section, April 2008)

"I have received a total of three Restylane treatments so far. I decided for this therapy because I feel better when I look well. I think that such small, non-risky procedures can help every woman feel better. After age 40, the skin is not so elastic as before, therefore requiring due skin care. Restylane was used to fill up the nasolabial wrinkles, which are most pronounced on my face and it always produced very good results. The wrinkles are filled up and you look fresh and relaxed. After this treatment, nobody will ask you about the possible cosmetic treatment but people will think you have been on holidays or just sleeping well. As hyaluronic acid undergoes degradation with time, the wrinkles start deepening again. These treatments are very popular among those occupationally exposed to continuous contact with other people, when it is quite important to leave good and pleasant impression. It is so in my profession, and I have learned that many of my male colleagues also undergo these treatments."